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Kipoi infos


This sector is located just before the vilage of Kipoi (38 Km, 45'). Kipoi belongs to the central Zagori area. From Ioannina we take the road to Konitsa. After Metamorfosi village (19 Km), we turn right towards central Zagori. After 10 Km we turn right following the sign Kipoi. We pass the Kokori bridge & turn right to Kipoi village. Just before the village on the right, after we pass a road bridge, there is a open space for us to park. There rock is behind us on the left side of the road bridge, where a small foothpath takes us to the Lazaridi bridge (3'), at the foot of the lines. This footpath can take us to the village of Koukouli after 1h30'.
The lonely two lines where the first in this area and were created in the 1990's. The rest where created in 2004-2005. Because it faces east, the sun sees it in the morning. So in the summer is better to go there in the afternoon (there are a few mosquitos coming dark). In the winter time in the morning or at noon, thought certain afternoons are not bad at all.



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